Consequences of Long-Term Asbestos Exposure

The widespread use of asbestos in the 1900s was due to its ability to be naturally heat resistant, making it a very convenient and cheap mineral to use in just about anywhere – from spray-on adhesive to insulation. One of the places that used asbestos is the military. During the wars, the military utilized asbestos to help deal with heat and fire-related damages for their ships, vessels, vehicles, and bases. Because people back then did not know about the danger of being exposed to asbestos, many of the war veterans have developed health complications related to long-term exposure to asbestos.

One of the many asbestos-related health complications that veterans are suffering is mesothelioma. This is an uncommon type of cancer affecting the mesothelium, or the protective layer covering the internal organs inside the body. Although treatments such as radiation therapy, chemotherapy and surgery, prognosis for mesothelioma is poor, and often leads to death of the victim. Even secondhand exposure, if long-term, can lead to mesothelioma.

According to the website of Williams Kherkher, there are about 22 million war veterans in the United States today, and a great number of them have been exposed to materials that had asbestos in them. Many of these veterans will eventually be diagnosed with health complications that is related to long-term asbestos exposure, with mesothelioma being the most fatal of all. If you have been in active service, especially between the years of 1930 and 1970, then you should get a medical check-up and see whether you have developed asbestos-related complications. Symptoms of mesothelioma are often mistaken for influenza or pneumonia, so if you are suffering from constant coughing, fever, and night sweats, it would be wise to immediately seek treatment. Early detection of cancer is the key in preventing it from advancing any further. Fortunately, there are benefits that veterans can get when they apply for injury claims. The Veterans Affairs view asbestos-related illness as service connected, and therefore will provide compensation for those who have suffered because of their exposure to the dangerous mineral.

Because of its dangerous nature, the use of asbestos has been stopped, but they are still present in old buildings and equipment that used them. Aside from war veterans, there are many others that can be exposed to asbestos and develop illnesses. It is therefore advised to seek medical attention when symptoms of asbestos-related illness manifest in order to avoid further complications.

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