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Explosions on Construction Sites

One of the most dangerous accidents that can occur in a construction site is explosions and fires. With the presence of pressurized containers, toxic materials, inflammable chemicals, high-powered tools, and construction materials that can make a construction site a high-risk place for serious injuries and even death due to explosions or fires, it is no wonder why construction sites are deemed one of the most dangerous places to work. Construction workers face everyday scenarios that can potentially lead to serious or life-changing injuries, with majority of these injuries needing urgent medical attention.

Burn injuries are the most common when explosion or fire accidents occur, but the safety risks are far more than burns. Broken bones, traumatic spine and brain injuries, and loss of hearing and vision are just among the numerous injuries that a construction worker can suffer from after being involved in an explosion or fire. According to the website of the The Benton Law Firm, many of these explosion and fire-related accidents happen because of unsafe work conditions and companies failing to comply with the safety codes required of them. When it is these factors that lead to the explosion or fire accident that caused the serious injuries, then workers have the right for worker’s compensation and even disability benefits if they are qualified for it.

Based on reports from the Board of Labor Statistics, almost half (48 percent) of fatal construction site explosions and fires are caused by poor maintenance and repair or construction supplies and tools. Furthermore, the risk of explosion and fire increase higher when third-party contractual workers who are not fully trained on safety procedures in the worksite. These factors can easily be prevented, and the website of the Abel Law Firm suggests that in order for both workers to avoid injuries and construction companies to prevent lawsuits is to have high regard for workplace safety: be sure that the right person in placed on a specific job, and that safety gears and training are properly given. With safety and health a priority, construction sites can go through with the project without and risks of injury to their workers.